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cRIO Based Production Test Stands

Compact RIO (cRIO) based test solutions are ideal for production test stands.  The real-time, Linux based operating system provides dedicated monitoring and control of critical stand functions.  The ability to leverage the FPGA architecture allows for specialized timing and calculation routines that can not be created using standard PLC-based solutions. Add to these benefits the capability of a custom operator interface, input devices such as barcode scanners or vision sensors, connectivity to external databases, interfacing 3rd party devices via common industrial communications protocols, and custom networking capability, and the cRIO-based Production Test Stand architecture is easily one of the most powerful tools available in creating fast, accurate, and reliable testing solutions  

PXI and VeriStand - Flexible and Efficient Development

Engineering teams need flexible, powerful tools to adapt to the rapidly changing priorities of today's market.  Test engineers, or in some cases even product engineers, often do have the time to invest in creating unique programs to assist them in product development or validation testing.  What is needed is a configurable platform that can interface with the instrumentation needed, provide a easy to use interface to view and control the testing, and provide powerful data acquisition tools to attain accurate, repeatable information that can be easily analysed.

Initially designed more specifically for Hardware-in-the-Loop testing (HIL) National Instruments' VeriStand is ideally suited for such flexible testing solutions.  When paired with the NI PXI based instrumentation platform, engineers can configure a broad range of testing solutions without the need for programming in LabVIEW, C, or any other language.  This means better testing can be achieved in less time with more accurate results; critical in today's environment of shorter development cycles.  That being said, the capabilities VeriStand can be further extended with custom LabVIEW routines (custom devices), custom embedded FPGA creating unique "instruments" for precision timing and calculations, and even the integration of "plant models" created in software such as MATLAB, to simulate actual control system characteristics into the test application.   

221 Innovations can demonstrate all of these features and more during a on-site visit with your team.  

Legacy System Support

Have a Legacy Test Solution that's not performing?  Let 221 Innovations work with you to keep things running, and then develop a robust strategy for extending the life of the system through upgrades or replacement.

DATA - The Real Deliverable

The deliverable of all testing is data.  Whether its a simple go-nogo evaluation, or a complex performance test, at the end of the test the information observed is used to make critical decisions about design integrity, product quality, or even manufacturing process accuracy.  221 Innovations believes in not just building a test solution that generates a result, but rather to build a test solution that can become a tool in better understanding the relevance of the measurements that have been made.  By connecting test stands to database back-ends using tools like mySQL and MSSQL, suddenly its possible to take individual results and begin to identify design issues, process inefficiencies, or even recognize trends in assembly or supplier quality.  When combined with reporting tools like Crystal Reports, suddenly a simple test stand can become a resource for investigating previous testing, or making quality data about your products available in a secure manner across your complete enterprise.   


Contact 221 Innovations to find out how you can make the data that you already generate, and then hide or throw away, work for you.   

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